Why join CalCharge?

Through its programs and services, CalCharge enables its members to collaborate, identify barriers to emerging technology success, and develop solutions that help clear the path to commercialization.

Through CalCharge members will be able to:

  • Connect with innovators, investors, and end-users of battery technologies
  • Access world-class R&D and professional development resources
  • Collaborate to address common technical, market, and finance barriers
  • Drive the development of a thriving energy storage ecosystem
  • Accelerate the movement of new products from “innovation to installation”

Who should join CalCharge?

CalCharge is designed to connect the energy storage value chain across the consumer, transportation and grid markets.  If any of the following describes your company, then CalCharge membership could be right for you:
  • Emerging Battery Companies developing new innovations in energy storage 
  • Established Large Companies with battery focused R&D activities
  • Major Users of energy storage technologies that drive market need
  • Value Chain Participants connected to the California battery cluster
  • Investors with portfolio companies in the battery sector
  • Research Facilities conducting basic and applied research in energy storage technologies 
  • Academic Institutions providing technical and professional education 

Membership Types

There are three membership categories in CalCharge – General, Charter, and Partner.  The benefits and obligations of each type of membership are described in each tab below.  Depending on the type of organization, annual dues are based upon either headcount or assets under management.

General Membership

General Membership includes companies and organizations of all sizes and stages of development that wish to accelerate innovation, application, adoption, and market impact of such technologies.  Dues are based on a sliding scale and are segmented into different categories for companies, investors, academic and research institutions, government bodies, and non-profits.  Depending upon the member type, membership dues are based on either number of employees or assets under management and range from $2,500 to $25,000.

Charter Membership

Charter Membership is for companies with a long-term interest in the development of the cluster and in providing direct ongoing input into the development of CalCharge.  This includes critical support in developing services and strategic planning activities, as well as growing the operations of CalCharge and ensuring its effectiveness.  Charter Members commit to an annual contribution for at least three years.  Charter Membership dues are based on General Membership dues, plus an additional $25,000.


Partner Membership

Partner Membership includes academic, research, government, or civil society organizations or institutions that have demonstrated a leadership role in supporting the development of electrochemical energy storage technologies.  Partner Members commit to a long-term strategic relationship that includes providing CalCharge and its Members access to significant institutional resources to support the development and commercialization of energy storage technologies.


General Members are entitled to the following membership benefits:

  • Access to the CalCharge Technology Acceleration, Professional Development, Commercialization Support, and Ecosystem Facilitation programs
  • Recognition on all CalCharge published materials
  • Special discounts for CalCharge events and activities
  • Use of the CalCharge name and logo for marketing and promotional activities
  • Access to the CalCharge Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) at Partner Member Labs

In addition to the benefits provided to General Members, each Charter Member will also receive:

  • A reserved seat on the Leadership Council, which provides input and oversight of CalCharge programs
  • Increased insight into, and ability to interact with, Partner and General Members
  • Recognition as a Charter Member on all CalCharge published materials
  • Annual meeting sponsorship – company logo prominently displayed, special accommodations and presentation slots
  • Lead sponsorship of one CalCharge seminar or webinar of the member’s choice per year, including ability to moderate and/or serve as presenters
  • Access to CalCharge Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) at Partner Member Labs

Partner Memberships are structured on a case-by-case basis and are formed at the sole discretion of CalCharge.


Current CalCharge Members